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How to create fake account in facebook

How to create fake account in facebook

Hello friends, in which article today I will tell you how can you create a fake account of your Facebook? Did not use too many people for his fake account to take likes comments. If they do not have the numbers, because of which they can throw coalgate, then I will tell you how you can do without it?

Friends, with the help of this website, you can take a number through which you can create more then friends, how to do it? See this article complete. I told you clearly how you can do everything.

Friends, where you will see the button of a website, when you click on it, then you will reach a website, after reaching there, you will have to generate a number there, you can generate the number from Kabyashree. After doing this, open your Facebook man. Can you even up your website or FB of your Facebook?

So friends, one thing was going on in the minds of all the brothers. If we have generated the number, then from where do we have OTP, do not take this trouble at all, I am telling you all in this article.

You friend, when you create your Facebook account, when you enter the number there, you put that number from there, after that you click on the confirmation, then if you reach an OTP, then what will you have to do to get the OTP? Go to the website, if you request there, I will give you the OTP, then you will copy it and create your own fake account there.

Friends, I liked your article. If you liked the article, then share the cycle with your friends and you have not checked our complete website till the city, how will you like to listen, how to share your photo in college, then you have the whole website on Facebook.

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