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Auto share on Facebook

Auto share on Facebook

Hello friends, how are all of you guys in this article today, I will tell you how you can auto Sherpa on your Facebook account, that is, you can share the unlimited on your photo, or if you also put it, you will share Jogan Limited on it. Ho how to do this with the help of this app, how do you use this app? How to download what is the recommended thing in this application, I will tell you today, then you

So friends, talk about this application, what is the application and what was its name? The name of the application is Four Likes and has already made videos about such applications. But what is there in it, you learned how to increase the likes of other articles, how to make flour, how to comment on who the lion on your photo?

The lion can get very sad, friends, it is much easier, so to do all these, you have to download this application, download it and the application will drive you to the drive and you can download it by clicking on the link of the drive. If you do, then please call me, I will definitely tell you that you have to download.

Let’s sleep, you will open this application, friends, you will see a lot of interfaces in the application, there you will see a login option, then when you become a login, you will be asked to enter the ID password, then you will get a sense of Pallavan but keep in mind one thing Real account not logged in. Create a fake account if you call

If you create a fake account, then it is very easy to create another’s account, yet I will make it a blue one, then after that you will be given an option with Auto Lion in that application, then you click on it. By going there you will get 3D

After that you have to click on the real account, when there is a place to give you a URL, then there you will give that photo somewhere viral. On which you have to make a convent, then you have thought the URL of that photo on your Facebook and after taking it, paste it in there.

After filling the quantity, you will share it and you will get more success. After that, you will see that your comment has reached your photo again, whatever article you would have liked very much, your friend.

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