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1 click all unfrined in facebook

1 click all unfrined in facebook

Hello, how are you guys, all of you guys are hoping that you guys are saying so friends today but I will also tell you how you can unfriend all your FB friends in 1 minute, then see the other partner in full. How will I tell you in a simple way?

Friends, to do all this, you will stall a break in your Facebook account, let me tell you one thing first or you cannot do it in any browser like Mozilla Firefox Opera Mini. No one can do it in Chrome only. . Keep this in mind that you cannot use this tool kit, you cannot use PC laptop in your mobile inside your PC.

Friends, I gave you the link of a website, you will reach a website by clicking on the letter link on it, there you will get the option of 10 to do, click on it, click on it and call you. You have to wait a while.

After waiting for a while, friends, when you reach it, your toolkit is storage. After that what you need to do is open your Facebook in your PC. After opening Facebook, you will see an option there, as if you clicked on it and there you were told to show the office and you will see the option of Unfriend on the medicine, then you have to click on it and after clicking on it select A little while after doing all.

After a while, you will see nothing, friends, will you see all your friends after a while? If you go to your profile and go to the list of friends, then any of your friends have shown. You can also select there which you cannot friend.

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