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Solve all lags in pubg top 4 tips

Solve all lags in pubg top 4 tips

Hello friends, how are you all hope all of you are administrators guys, in this article today I will tell you how you can solve all the leg and press of your post. I can easily give you some tips and tricks. Give.

Dear, there are four things that I will tell you, through which you give your public games to another press person, if you make 4 such mistakes in your phone through which your public likes, then I will tell you that which I have given you through some tips. is.

1 Auto tips number one. This tips number one is that whenever you play content in your phone, then before you reboot your phone, do not start a hard relationship even if you start rebooting. Rather, that local relationship has been established, there will not be any virus in your phone, that is, your processor will work only on content.

2 You do not have to open any application in your phone’s background. If you do this then do your public Hundred percent because your process is there, you will not work on your live and will work on the application, so you will get another crush on your Gmail, then you keep reminding your background application.

3 Something you do not need to download anything, many people put it on movie downloading, through which it gets likes and fresh in their content, so either you have to download any application or movie. Let me tell you. If you do this, your content will like it, so keep this in mind. If you have installed any application or downloading then your content will persist.

4 So if you do not keep any yes map in your mobile, if you keep it like this, then your full pen will not like your phone, so we do not keep any application in your mobile.

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