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Play pubg on external qwality

Play pubg on external qwality

How are you guys, all of you hope that all of you will be well, friends, in this article today I will tell you how you can play your content on extras and quality whether your phone is 2GB RAM 4GB RAM 6GB RAM He does not matter how much.

So friends, for this you will have to download an app called Battleground Advanced Graphic which you will also find on the Play Store and if you search on the Play Store then this PK will also come if you download it. Simple, you can download by clicking on my download button and after downloading, you will have to install the app.

Friends, after giving you all the permission, you will get a much better interface, then you will not be able to set your phone there according to what you want, that is, you should give hi graphics, then you should do hi accordingly. You have to do everything.

After making the settings of this app, you will have to click on the app to run the game and you will click on the answer, then your game will be played and if you go to the settings and see all your friend thanks which will be the same because your friends If you have installed the app then you will not be able to do the same, you have to keep the settings in your phone and run games like this always. Keep this in mind.

I hope you like this article very much, friends, you also share this article with your friend, who does not have expensive phone, who cannot even ultra quality their possession.

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